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Managed Contracts / Overseas Sourcing

We have a large network of modern and high quality overseas manufacturing companies in Europe, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh & India. Mercury has a team of experienced Buyers & Merchandisers who will help coordinate the timing of your procurement. Aiding in the timely delivery into our customers.


Mercury Clothing can arrange the development of different types of samples, such as prototype, pre-production, photo & size-set samples. Our manufacturers are able to grade to all required size sets.


Strong manufacturing control is one of the elements that allow Mercury Clothing to closely track your production to ensure that it adheres to your standards and schedule. Our team will keep you regularly updated with your production. Mercury buyers & merchandisers use critical path management to identify any risk factors in the production of garments and discuss these risk factors with the manufacturer to resolve the problem.

For enquiries regarding sourcing and managed contracts, please e-mail a member of our Mercury Clothing sales team on: or telephone us on 0208 801 9918.

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