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Artwork Guidelines

Mercury accept all common professional graphic software formats (JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF etc). These do NOT include Microsoft Word, Publisher or Powerpoint files. If you are unable to provide these Mercury may be able to re-draw your design. This service may be subject to cost.
For PIXEL based software such as PHOTOSHOP your file should be saved at least 300dpi at the actual print size plus 3mm bleed (72dpi is only sufficient for internet use). For single colour prints please supply a greyscale TIFF. For multicolour prints requiring screen printing, please supply a layered PSD with each colour on its own layer, named as its intended print colour. Always accompany these files with a JPEG or PDF showing the design in colour.
If you are supplying a working file from QUARK or INDESIGN please endeavour to supply us with all the fonts and images used. Alternatively you can provide us with a high res PDF with 3mm bleed and all the images in CMYK mode.
For VECTOR based software such as ILLUSTRATOR, files should be saved in the EPS or PDF format with 3mm bleed. Please convert all type to outlines (aka paths or curves). Artwork should always be supplied at its actual print size. Pantone solid coated or uncoated spot colours should always be used unless printing CMYK (full colour). If white is one of your print colours it is advisable to substitute a pale spot colour named “Print White”, or to present your design against a dark background.
By following these guidelines your print work can be processed quickly by our print house and artwork charges can be avoided or kept to a minimum. Ideally our design team would prefer artwork to be sent by post on a CD or DVD. Please include a printed colour proof so we can check that your file has not been corrupted or altered on our system. Artwork up to 10Mb can be sent by email to:  or by clicking on the following link. Please include a JPEG/PDF colour proof with your email.

URL   /   LINK

PRINT SIZE - It is critical that you supply your artwork at the actual size that you'd like it printed. Mercury would strongly advise you to also supply the width in mm of your artwork for us to double check before printing. It is NOT sufficient to supply a T-Shirt template to show your desired size, in our experience this is unreliable. If printing a variety of sized garments consider how your print may look on each size. 
PRINT POSITIONING - our printers will position your print where, in their experience, it looks best. If you have a specific position in mind please provide it in mm from the top of your print to the bottom hem of the t-shirt collar. For sleeve prints use the edge of the sleeve as a reference point to the bottom of your print. For advice on print positioning please speak to one of our account managers.
COLOUR REFERENCES -  Beware of relying on the colours on your monitor, colours can vary dramatically from monitor to monitor. Monitors reproduce colour in RGB your job will usually be printed in Pantone spot colours. Pantone colours on screen are significantly different from those in a Pantone Swatch book. If accurate reproduction is important to you we would encourage you to pick your colours from a Pantone Swatch book or to supply a hard copy printed proof that we can match. We appreciate Pantone swatch books are expensive and not always easily accessible, some clients supply paint swatches from their local DIY store. When choosing your print colour please consider how it will look against the garment colour. If you select a light ink colour against a dark background your image can appear as a negative (inverted). 
If you are unable to meet these artwork requirements you may incur an artwork charge. This is charged at £30:00 p/hr. Please feel free to call or email for advice no matter how basic. Mercury Clothing understand the importance of getting things just right.

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